I must be one of the luckiest guys around; I have been in a job that I have loved since leaving school. It was my daughters curiosity, after dinner tales and file draws full of old photographs that led to the creation of this site.
(with a lot help from Paul Martin an old Warner Bros friend).

You will see some (sad) photo's of a young - slim- trying hard to be cool - Judd Lander. Fans have taken some of these 60's group shots at various Liverpool venues.




There are a few of us performing at The Cavern, where to this day, we still hold the record for gigging at the club, over 400 performances. There are also some taken at the popular Sink Club and other various local venues.

Sadly although we were a very popular band, we never quite made it into the national charts, as the entire A&R teams from all the London major's had moved their sights to other parts of the country, having signed everything up in Liverpool prior to our creation.

However, my reputation as a Harmonica player bode me well and helped pave the way for my move to the London session scene, and with it some very bizarre  tales and introductions into the circles of the rich and famous and an impromptu audience with HRH Queen  Elizabeth.

So (as the after dinner speaker would say) let me share with you a musical interlude that has lasted a very  long time….now investigate and enjoy!